Mathilda, dog, female, 10 years

Matilda is ten years old. The first nine she lived in the family. In the spring of 2022, her owners left Ukraine, and Matilda was left in foster care. Alas, by autumn they decided that they did not need a dog.

The examination showed that Matilda had an old fracture of the pelvis, hip and spine. We do not know how she received these injuries, but she was not treated, and the bones did not heal properly. It's a miracle that Matilda can walk with her spinal injury, but she's not just walking, she's having fun running!

Matilda has problems with her poopls due to a broken spine. In addition, she needs to be very protected from shocks, so she is looking for a house where there will be no other animals, and people will be ready to love her with all her problems.

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