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Always been dreaming about a little pet but still cannot keep it at your place? You can choose any pet and become its personal curator. Curators help the shelter in supporting the animals. They can visit them any time, and even receive weekly photo and video reports of their pets&#39; lives. It&#39;s an excellent choice for those who cannot yet adopt a furry friend!<br /> <br /> All cats or dogs on this page - even if they have a curator - are looking for a new home.
Understanding Feline Immunodeficiency: How Cats Live with this Condition
Feline immunodeficiency, commonly known as FIV, is a viral disease that affects cats worldwide. Similar to human immunodeficiency virus (HIV), FIV attacks a cat's immune system, leaving them vulnerable to various infections and diseases. I
That Scary Document
What do I need to take a dog or cat from the shelter? Firstly, of course, you need to come and visit us at Amosova 9, meet the animals, and choose the one that will steal your heart.
Why does the shelter not accept unvaccinated kittens?
Sometimes people who have found or saved kittens turn to us. However, we ask all of them to leave the kittens at home or in the clinic, and transfer them to the shelter only after vaccination. Unfortunately, people often refuse.
Would you like to help the furry little ones?
We are raising funds to help our four-legged friends in trouble. Join us to help saving, feeding, and healing the animals that suffered of the military actions in Ukraine.