That Scary Document

What do I need to take a dog or cat from the shelter?

Firstly, of course, you need to come and visit us at Amosova 9, meet the animals, and choose the one that will steal your heart.

We do not transfer animals to other cities and do not send them to strangers. After all, it is a matter of their safety. So if you like one of our pets, you need to come and pick it up in person. 

What else will you need? Bring your identification documents with you, because you will need to sign a contract with the Shelter.

Many people worry when they hear about signing paperwork, but the contract is actually designed for your convenience.

What's in it? It's very simple.

If you don't want or can no longer care for your pet, you agree to return it to us. Not to give it to other people, not to sell it, not to throw it away, but to return it to the Hatul Madan shelter.  Because we are responsible for our animals.

In turn, the shelter will accept the cat or dog back. We will not ask you anything, we will not blame or censure you. We understand that life has its contingencies. Life is very unpredictable, especially in times of war. That's why we are always on your side. And on the side of the beasts.

And a contract is necessary so that both sides are protected.

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