Why does the shelter not accept unvaccinated kittens?

Sometimes people who have found or saved kittens turn to us. However, we ask all of them to leave the kittens at home or in the clinic, and transfer them to the shelter only after vaccination.
Unfortunately, people often refuse.

But little kittens do not belong in a shelter.

It's not that we don't like kittens. Everyone loves kittens! However, any accumulation of animals - and there are many animals in the shelter! - is a serious threat to catch the virus.

Little kittens and puppies are very vulnerable to such terrible diseases as pancleocopenia and parvovirus.
Adult animals also have a hard time enduring these diseases, but babies are practically doomed to death. Therefore, shelters accept only cats and dogs that are reliably protected by the vaccine.

Sometimes, of course, kittens are born in a shelter, or kittens are brought to us during an evacuation from war zones, and then the shelter does everything to ensure quarantine for the babies.

But if kittens can not take risks, then it is better not to take risks.

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